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Originally Posted by m balla View Post
Aren't there cooling issues with the dinan? I can attest that the 335i m-sport with the ppk, pe is no where close to the power of the is even though they match up on paper. I would mos def do ic upgrade. I would just wait it out or do turbo upgrade.
I had a dinan stage 2 tune on my n54 e92 335i and never had a problem.

Originally Posted by csween86 View Post
For anyone interested, look into the Dinan stage 2 upgrade for the n55. It bumps power to 355hp and torque to 401 lb-ft.... There will eventually be a stage 3 as they mentioned that on their site. The stage two is like $2g's so a bit pricey, but they will match your warranty and BMW will acknowledge this tune and will still service your car hassle free.... Just saying.
This is NOT true. BMW and Dinan have fallen out of bed so to speak over the years and all BMW dealerships won't just overlook a Dinan tune if you have one. Even my dealership 3-4 years ago warned me about this, and so did the Dinan installer. Dinan and BMW are now competitors with their new performance product line, and BMW has zero incentive to place nice with Dinan.

Dinan's stage 3 tune on the N55 motor for the E90 model cars required $3000 in additional upgrades before labor/tax including an upgraded intercooler and oil cooler. Now you're looking at having to spend probably an extra $4000 on supporting mods, plus they charge an extra $500 on the stage 3 tune. $4500 for an extra 18hp? No thanks. Only if I was tracking the car would I spend the money on the oil cooler and intercooler (but not theirs anyway).

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