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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
How can they even sell this car w/ 16" rims. Sorry - don't want to offend anyone ... but geeezzzz ... its a freakin BMW, not a Kia.
The 16" Aero rims are only available on the "320d Efficient Dynamics" edition. Not even on the regular 320d. The 320d ED is only available with 16" rims and with a tuned suspension to increase the fuel efficiency. There is one other model rims available at additional cost for this car, but they are also 16".

The cars engine is also specifically tuned for efficiency as are varies other things. You can find some details here;

And if you need to complain about rims, you should know that in some markets they even offer a 316d with 16" steel rims and hubcaps.