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Originally Posted by demge01 View Post
The 320ed has a lower ride height than stock -10mm.
I agree the Eco wheels do look a bit puny but I'm not too fussed as the higher sidewalls and non run flats give a great comfy ride.
How come you didn't go for the SE as you could have had a set of 18s or even 19s for less as an option?

Maybe one of the 18" wheels is defective or tyre misshapen?
I desperatly want to change my wheels i have had 330i and 325i Msports so really miss the bigger wheels/firmer ride.

The company car policy has changed so we all get stock tree hugging ed's or opting out or i would have ordered the 328i if i had the option.

On the point re a defective wheel tire - my brother checked/fitted them and aloghned them all twice and it still happens......