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First off, congrats on the new car, it looks really stunning!

If it gets rejected, you could always tell them not to do the inspection. I doubt there's anything saying they are the ones that have to do the inspection. It would mean you would hit the road without safety inspection, but that's a different story lol

Either way, with my X5 I had a plate next to the license plate as well. Same story, dealer didn't want to put the safety sticker there, so what I did was take it off within an hour after they put it on (also, they did not mind putting it on loosely so I could easily take it off myself). I was always able to take it off as a whole without ripping it

For now, I have a metal plate on the bottom rear of my car. I'm not sure if I will move it to the license plate. It's ok where it is now I guess, it doesn't really bother me there, plus this way I don't have to worry when I'm in the airport area with all the sheriffs there (that really is a hot spot to get pulled over when something is not 100% with your car lol) and I read actually just now that yesterday someone posted somewhere that, while it is indeed legal, someone did get pulled over because he had the safety next to the plate and not on the bumper, so not even all cops seem to be aware of this and I kind of don't want to get into a dispute thing lol. It's stupid really, you'd think having all the info in the same spot at the license plate would be the best thing to have, but nooo lol

Btw, here's some stickers that never expire: http://islandbuilt.*********.com/

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