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Originally Posted by meyer30 View Post
Do you know of a good winter or all season 19" tire that are runflats
I don't see any on TireRacks website.

If you're going with winter/snow tires you should go to a smaller size like 17 or 18 and a narrower width.
Get a set of inexpensive wheels.
A lot of drivers do it that way.

My preference is for non RFT's, as I feel they ride better and have better grip. I stick with the standard widths or 1+ sizing, a bit wider. This isn't the best/optimal setup for driving on snow though.
I do it because in my area we can get a lot of snow, but it doesn't sit on the major streets very long as it gets cleared fairly quickly. On those days I drive very cautiously and leave lots of room. "Performance" driving on those days is not even on my mind.

If I lived in an area that was hilly, and has lots of snow that stays on the roads for longer than couple of days, I'd use winter/snow tires for sure.