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Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post
I agree, I can wait and wait and wait. If I wait till November, perhaps I should wait until January for a true 2013 build. However, this is the first time I am opting for Nav Pro and it would be great to at least have the most up to date technology in my very expensive car, rather than one that is some years old now.

Yes' it's moot for you as you are opting for Nav Business.
If you don't mind waiting + possible price change (the guys in the other thread were speculating it's an even pricier option compared to now) then i'd wait til Dec/Jan for a 2013 build.

I can see why you're contemplating cos you've opt'd for the Pro Nav already... so a new version would make a big diff for you.. the handwriting feature of the touch controller looks good, especially for typing in addresses for the nav instead of the single letter choosing method now....