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Originally Posted by CoconutPete View Post
I hate those ads .... heaven forbid someone says "sh!t" on TV, let's blur that out, but it's perfectly OK for them to flash to footage of open heart surgery while my kid is right there - gotta love the censorship in this country.

I smoked for 5 years and I can tell you with certainty, if I still smoked - those ads would do NOTHING to change my mind.

Those ads are about as pourposeful as all those "quit smoking aids" out there - they all exist for the same reason: So the smoker has something to blame other than him/herself when they fail to quit.

If you wanna smoke, smoke - it's a free country . That's my opinion. I quit about 5 yrs ago.
Not trying to take away anyone's freedom. I just love the fact that they have an "in your face" approach instead of simply saying "it's ok" by virtue of saying nothing at all. The whole "Truth" movement has just as much freedom as big brand tobacco.

What gets me is all the prime time commercials for the Trojan vibrator lol

Originally Posted by David70 View Post
When are they going to start the same type of ads with an obese person surrounded by mounds of deserts and donuts?
I can't wait!