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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
Great review and pics! Thanks for taking the time to do the write-up.

I've a couple of questions:

1) Black panel display - what actually is this and whats the difference between this and standard?

2) The Sport Display where it shows 2 dials for power and torque - this is an option? If so which one? Or is it standard on all F30's?

3) I see the M Sport range now has an optional "M Sport braking system" upgrade. Could you see any point in wanting to upgrade the brakes? How good are the standard brakes?

I was a little bemused by your following comment:
"I also got my favorite Bridgestone Potenza's back"
Are you serious? You must be the only person I've heard of that likes these tyres! LOL!!

The black panel display just looks more aesthetically pleasing, is capable of displaying more things and colours and allows navigation directions to be shown on it, change music on it, telephone stuff, and cool animations of the car and the Efficient Dyanmics MPG thingy and it just finishes off the car really nicely if you go for Navigation Professional. Without it, it looks more like the instruments in the E90, with the live MPG needle.

The Sport Display is only available with the widescreen iDrive, so F30's equipped with Navigation Professional.

Yes I've seen that too, but I think the standard brakes are great. On the 328i in the UK, you get bigger brakes than the 320d and < so it... stops..hard. Some have complained they feel mushy and others have said they aren't progressive enough due to energy regeneration harvesting so they can be quite snatchy, but I think they feel really quite good and not too dissimilar to my 330d. Personally, I wouldn't upgrade to the M Sport braking system unless I plan to take the car to the track on a fairly frequent basis.

Haha, I certainly prefer them to the Pirelli's I had on my 330d! They were noisy!

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