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Originally Posted by WW335 View Post
The 07-10 e92 bumper was perfect!.. now its just...awful. The e92 LCI was a step in the wrong direction and the F30 is as well (M-sport not included). This will be no different. Its almost trying to be Audi-like.
I agree. And not being able to get a E92 335 with M-Sport to remove the bumper was one of the determining factors of a few friends that decided not to get 335. I don't' know what happened with the available options this late in the product cycle. I could understand at the beginning of the cycle but not at the end where everything has been established for the model.

Originally Posted by WW335 View Post
Because Audi has a A5/S5 which they sell for a premium over the A4/S4 even though its the same car(pretty much), so this is BMW's chance to do the same. Call it a 4 series and increase the mark-up of the coupe over the sedan!
Do you remember what the price was for the coupe over the sedan? I want to see how much they charged with the E9X and how much more with the name change.

EDIT: Found it. Seems to be about a 9k difference between sedan/coupe. I thought they were much closer so the name change doesn't really make sense to me still. If it were say $3-4k difference in price and the name change would allow BMW to make it to the $9k it currently is I would say sure, makes sense.

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