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No Manual???

I just noticed the BMW USA press release from June and then found this thread. It sure reads to me like the F31 is not coming to the US with a manual. I'm really hoping to be wrong, and that those of you suggesting the manual option was omitted from the release are right; I was hoping to order a manual, RWD M-Sport, but it seems more likely than not that those of us hoping for a manual are SOL.

I can understand why BMW would go this way; manual, RWD E91's are exceedingly rare--sadly there isn't much of a market for the most performance oriented variant of the car, and presumably it's just too expensive to federalize such a low volume model. If only our gov't didn't make it so damn hard (expensive) to federalize minor variants of the same car.

This news has ruined my day...I guess I better keep searching for an E91 msport with RWD, but it seems the lucky few that ordered such a car aren't much inclined to part with them...

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