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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
We all have our own likes and dislikes for power band.
I actually like the idea of having the greater boost come on later.
It's more like turbo's used to be, where the big power came once the revs were up. To me, it's easier to modulate the power at higher rpms, and thus easier to modulate power in the curves.
I think you might be confusing it? I think it means the throttle has to be mashed more than 70% of the way for the extra boost to kick in, but you'll feel it down low as long as you're flooring it.

Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
With modern turbo's and direct injection, we get nearly all available torque before 2000 rpm, and in the N55 there is a LOT of it. These modern turbo's power output is like a diesel. Just look at the dyno's, huge torque at low rpm that then fades off as rpm increases. Nearly opposite of how turbo engines used to develop power.

Having even more at that low of an rpm makes it harder to get a great launch, as it just ends up in wheel spin.
Having the power increase above stock as rpm rises, imo, should give easier launch will better power modulation at higher revs.
You may find you do like it if you get that tune.
If you've got good tires, traction shouldn't be an issue. I had no problem hooking with 380hp/420tq in my 2007 335i.