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Originally Posted by bmwdrvr13 View Post
I am confused? Dealer told me that I can just use the USB port to play music from my iPhone while doing the euro delivery? But I have read on this site that you need BMW apps to do that? I have the basic HUD. No apps. Will this work? Or do I still need a y cable? Thank you!

Caveat: I have not taken delivery of my F30 yet, nor have I ever had a BMW. But from what I've gathered through this forum and others is that without US Tech package, OR Apps, OR Enhanced USB/BT option, you can not simply plug your iPod/iphone into the USB port with the standard white Apple cable; You will need the y-cable.

I'm not clear what you mean by the "basic HUD." Do you mean the head's up display? Because I think that is only an option if you get the full Tech package, in which case you are covered. If you mean the smaller LCD screen (instead of the large Nav screen that comes with the Tech package), and you do not have enhanced USB/BT and/or Apps, you will need the y-cable to access your tunes.

I can not say with any certainty, but I'd imagine you could also use a stereo mini plug male to male cable and simply plug your iPod/iPhone into the audio port and hear the music, but you won't be able to control it via iDrive.

Again, I do not have (yet!) a F30, but this is what my research has lead me to believe.