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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
Why do I need to redo the calculation? You do it. One can easily extrapolate the information I provided to apply to the 335. No additional calculation per se is needed. Surely you aren't saying it's not obvious that if it takes 10.83 years to recover $13K it must take half that time to recover half that amount, using the values of my example above? Similarly, if one halves the hybrid's mpg to a more realistic 50 mpg, it'll take the same 10.83 years to recover $6500, or 21+ years to recover $13K. The example I provided wasn't haphazardly developed.

Perhaps I'm being unduly sarcastic. Were you of the impression that the hybrid would get 100 mpg, or that 25 mpg is an implausible estimate for the non-hybrid? I don't really know what the hybrid's mpg is (will be), but I'm betting it won't be anything close to 100 mpg and that it will be something around 50 mpg at best. But I've lost bets before, perhaps I will this time too...

So what is the main selling point? I would imagine there are some factors that make buying the hybrid "worth it." My point is simply that there aren't any quantitative monetary ones, along with responding to someone's (Imola I think???) request for an analysis of the cost difference's recovery interval.
Sarcasm is an understatement. Relax, I was just stating why did you pick the 328, and also they are not as far off as you made it sound.

5 Years on average most Americans drive 60,000 miles (although that has raised we will keep it there).

40mpg for the hybrid at 3.80 a gallon for prem currently comes out to a 5 year cost of $5700.

25mpg for a 335i at 3.80 a gallon for prem comes out to 5 years at $9120.

So that is $3420 difference, and hence why I stated use the 335 not the 328. That makes the price of entry difference only $3080. Still may not be worth it to most, but its a much better look then $10,000 and it also doesnt take into account rebates in some states as well as HOV lane use.

The other thing it doesnt take into account is the highly congested driver. My 330 use to get 24mpg in a mix of 70/30 highway. Now I get closer to 15mpg because I am 80/20 city driving.

That is where the hybrid shines and I could easily eat up the $3000 difference over 5 years. Not to mention it most likely will have a bit higher resale value.

This car isnt for everyone, and its not meant as a payback measure like say a prius, but its also not super overly priced for what it offers.

As for the main selling point, I get performance on par if not slightly better then the 335i and I can get 10-15mpg better then the 335i. Especially if you lease, you could probably come out as a wash in monthly payments.