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Originally Posted by wheelie good View Post
You could also send them nice people at BMW UK another email and ask them can you potential new purchase be knicked in between 60-120 seconds like most BMW's can

I got a feeling the answer will turn out to be yes
Lol. Were you on the cider when you typed that? I had to read it about a dozen times to figure out what you were on about!

Where to begin?

It should have been those nice people not them nice people.

Your not you.

Nicked not knicked.

BMWs not BMW's.

I mean the odd typo is completely understandable but your post was so bad that the meaning was lost. One basic rule of sarcasm is that you pretty much have to come across as literate to score a hit. I'm afraid that's an epic fail for you.

I've taken the liberty of responding to your point in Chavlish - please see below...

I as owned BMW's for quiet a few year's. None of them as got knicked innit.
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