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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123
How retarded is the ASS system?!?!?
"Is that your BMW running out there?!"

I'll explain - got to a site today, put my car in Park and secured it with the handbrake as per usual, so the ASS must've turned the engine off. Well, to the "Ready" state. What with all the fannying about, and taking my iPhone out the Media Cradle and general stuff, I must not have hit the Engine Start Stop button to turn it completely "Off", unbeknown to me at the time since there was complete silence from the car! So I got out, shut the door and locked the car, and even saw the iDrive, etc... turn off so I walked away from it as usual without a thought!

10 minutes later, "Hey! Is that your BMW running out there?!"

Indeed it was! My 328i was running!!!
Yes, this is my fault, but not by much! I should've looked at the needle to see if it was at "Ready" or "Off" but you can't portion too much blame on a guy walking away from a stopped, silenced and locked car! Especially when he saw the electrics go off!
Surely the car would gong when the door is open or throw a strop when you try to lock it!? Obviously not! My old Jag X-Type beeped and flashed the hazards if I tried to lock it with a door slightly ajar, so one would expect the latest offering from BMW to do something not too disimilar, especially as the engine is "engaged"!!
So I'm really mad at the ASS system for not warning me and for RESTARTING MY BLOODY CAR!!! Why?!?! YOU ARE F**KING LOCKED, EVERYTHING OFF AND KEY OUT OF RANGE!!!! HOW RETARDED ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?

So yes, that was frustrating... And not good for my not run-in engine. 800 miles on it. Thankfully it was only 10 minutes because this guy realised it was on, so I'm more relaxed than I otherwise would've been.

Think I am going to complain about this to BMW, no warning or even an illuminated light is ridiculous. My fault, but a very easy mistake to make. What if I was leaving it in the fricking airport carpark for a week or something?!
I have been saying for years, even on this board, how dangerous comfort access and now ass can be.


Sooner or later some chump is going to park his bimmer in his garage, get distracted, and leave his engine running... Only to wipe out his entire family.

Your car will be fine mechanically. But, the risk here is real.