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Originally Posted by ikonic View Post
Ah ok thanks mate. Yeah I saw the same thing on screen when he ordered the car initially.

Not panicky per se I guess, just very impatient. I think I'm a natural worrier/skeptic so just anxious to get my car as soon as possible after this nightmare wait, so don't want anything else to go wrong before delivery!

Also, I do find it slightly odd that a "premium" brand like BMW wouldn't even take the time to send you a letter of acknowledgement and say "thanks and hope you enjoy your car" when a Renault (a marque constantly criticised for poor service) does after you've specced and order a new car from scratch.

I know its a minor thing, but just find it a bit unusual. My dad ordered a new Lexus some time ago and was bombarded with various tidbits prior to delivery to wet his appetite before the car arrived!
I know all about impatience, it's nearly 2 months since ordering with still another 6 or 7 weeks until delivery is due I'm already desperate to get it so given another few weeks to go it'll be unbearable! I've already read the brochure more times than is necessary, but it's all I've got. If it only had more about the M Sport I'd be set

The last couple of cars I've bought there has only ever been a collection day given with no other contact so I should be used to it. I suppose, like you, I expected more from BMW, especially as they are at the premium end of things. Maybe it's a minor thing but it would have been a good thing to do.

As soon as I get my car though I just know that all will be forgiven