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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
MB does frameless windows on many of their cars without such a thick b-pillar. Having driven a few rental sedans with thick b-pillars, I find it to be a terrible blind spot, as it's right where I look when looking over my shoulder. Regardless, this whole class of car, CLS, A7, A5 Sportback is generally pretty ugly in my opinon, the 6 GT being the first car in the class that I like (at least in pictures, I haven't seen one in person yet).
It's good looking in person, although it's a car that really benefits from choosing the "right" color. Not that it looks bad in any color, but it certainly looks better in some colors than in others.

I spent 30 minutes test driving a 640 four door this past Friday. I think now I know why the call these things coupes. It's so consumers won't expect there to be any room in the rear seats, because Lord knows there isn't much to speak of. These gran coupes are essentially very big, four-door cars with no room in the back seat. (It has more or less what seems to be the same amount of legroom as an E46 coupe. If they were to make a 640Li, the car would make some sense to me. As it is, despite loving the looks of the thing, I doubt I'd spend nearly $100 on a large 4 door with no space in the back. (I think people still expect a sensible amount of room in the rear on a four door car, even if the maker calls it a coupe.)

It's very big on the outside, yet smaller than the F30 (by a lot) in general on the inside, albeit considerably more plush. Unlike the F30, it's steering feel is pretty similar to that of my E92 but a tab bit more dampened and a slight bit less heavy. It's power is more than sufficient for typical use.

If/when BMW come up with a 4er four door, I would think it a better choice than the 6er, particularly if it offers even as much space as the current E92 in the rear. But as the F30 is considerably larger than the E90, I would think that a 4er gran coupe based on the F30's platform would also offer a sensible rear seat. One can only hope; we all know automotive execs seem to have moments of lunacy far more often than do the general population.

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