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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The Extra rear glass after the rear door .

This has never been on a BMW four door because the BMW symbolic hofmeister kink is always integrated on the rear door opening.
It is more elegant , models like the Touring and the X line need them to break up the expanse of metal around the C-Pillars.

BMW designers are against that as are engineers about lack of B-Pillars which compromises structural rigidity. As was found on the E31 BMW 8er Coupe.
So much so that had the late eighties early nineties recession not kicked in , that Wolfgang Reitzle the characteristic R&D boss wanted to re-engineer a B-pillar into the car.
A feat he achieved with the BMW M8 which included a B-Pillar that helped to bring about a substantial transformation of the car. But the crisis at the time killed the M8 and the BMW 850i Cabrio, but it did bring a more cost-effective 840i for those that "struggled" to reach for the 850i.

For those that pine for a modern 8er...

It is called the 6er now.
As someone who grew up dreaming about the 850i, and as someone who currently appreciates both the current and previous gen 6ers, I cannot accept this. No way does the 6er replace the 850i. That car was so special and even today it looks beautiful and invokes emotion like few other cars are capable of. The new 6er is beautiful, but an 850i replacement, it is not.