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Originally Posted by EnI View Post
You might be right after all. The differences are slight but they are there. Eg. the B-pillar is also of slightly different shape. And rear side window has a bit different shape (therefore the difference between triangle & trapezoid shape of the smaller window). The roof seems to be quite lower, the rear window smaller, the trunk longer. etc. And the latest prototype has the exactly the same front as 4er prototypes.

Either they revised the 3er GT which would seem very odd in this late phase just before FEP starts, or ...

Is it possible this is 4er Gran Tourer / active Tourer? A 5dr fastback coupe ala A5? Mind BMW just registered 2er Active Tourer / Gran Tourer trademark. And there are rumors BMW will offer some sort of 5dr coupe fastback in 2er form. Perhaps a 5dr 4er GT / AT is also coming.

Any news on that?
Man, the mystery continues...

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