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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
You dont need to look over your shoulder with the side mirrors that remove blind spots..
I hope the potential misfortune accompanying that perception doesn't befall you.

Consider the driver off your driver's side rear corner and two lanes over from you who is accelerating into the empty lane between you and them. Without turning your head, you cannot see that driver/car, and with the right timing and disinterest, you two could collide. Though that is the only situation that comes readily to mind, there are undoubtedly others.

Now it may be that the blind spot warning option mitigates the risk to some degree, but I am not yet ready to yield the responsibility for my safety or defensive driving to that system. Regardless of the statistical odds that such events converge to cause an accident, they only need do once to you to be catastrophic. For my part, I hope all parties involved live to rue their perfunctory driving.

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