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While I'm an advocate for not fixing things if they're not broken, I've been wondering why this needs to be such a big deal. The 6-series rides on a modified 5-series chassis, therefore it can be considered as a 5-series coupe. But we've forever called it the 6-series, even in its first production run decades ago, because BMW told us to call it that. Meanwhile, Mercedes had an E-coupe (which is back after being called the CLK) and an S-coupe (now the CL). If BMW called it the 5-series coupe when it first came out and then decided to call it the 6-series for this model year, you would probably be having a similar reaction. As long as the F32 looks different enough from the F30, I see no reason why it can't be called the 4-series. It makes for a better sorted product lineup anyways. To be honest, "I don't like change!" isn't a good enough reason to keep BMW developers from doing what they want.