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Originally Posted by mith View Post
I got it on my car, smash and grab with 35% tint front and back.
As my previous car e90 didn't have a tint I was a bit hesitant over how dark it would be and the thought did cross my mind as to how it might appear when looking outside at night in dark areas where there are no street lights. (I do have this habit of looking at all my mirrors getting a view of what's going on around me when stopping at traffic lights etc....a bit of OCD but I like to have a good clear view)
All I can say is I am extremely happy with the lumar smash and grab 35% tint.
Thank you Mith, being a fellow Gauteng'er I also have the habit in constantly using my mirrors. I will now definitely go for the Lumar 35%, LeoHaese here in Pretoria only fits Lumar smash&grab tint..
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