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Originally Posted by J1n View Post
I do alot of detailing on my cars... seems to be some sort of sealant.. a thicker version. I wax and do a full detail of my cars every quarter not so much now compared to before but definitely I'd be skeptical to see that it can retain shine and no wear over the period of 5 years.

I've used sealants such as Zaino but reverted back to Meguiars.

My cars are all dark colors grey & black they still look brand new. I've got a mate who bought the paint protection stuff from dealers who guaranteed swirl protection and stuff.. and when I scanned through in detail with an LED light.. he got scammed.

Be sure to ask for warranty.. I'd be surprised if they offer anything more than a year.
Couple things:

- It's not a sealant per se. It's actually a urethane-type clearcoat. It's permanent. That's why if you were to buy it yourself, you have to sign a waiver stating you know what you're doing.

- It's not the same crap that dealers peddle. Theirs is just a synthetic sealant. Opti-Coat is permanent.

- Check out the detailing forums. There are reviews on there where a guy has been testing it on a car for the last 3 years. He used it to actually REPLACE failing clear coat on an old beater. after a couple years he even poured muriatic acid on it as a test, and it still stands.

I don't work for Optimum, nor do I sell it. I have it on my 335 and it is amazing. I just wash the car, and it looks freshly waxed. Shed's dirt like nobodies business! I used to wax, polish and all that, but I have no time anymore. It really is a great product.