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I don't like the look of solid black windows and bought tint mainly for the heat and UV rejection. That being said, my black/black Sport Line has 40% on all the windows and 80% on the windshield. You cannot even notice the windshield unless I park next to an untinted F30 but it still blocks 43% of the heat and 99% of the UV rays. I also really like the 40% on the sides because it's not too dark. All my of friends have 35% and there is really no difference between 40% and 35% in terms of looks or heat rejection.

My only real suggestion is definitely go with ceramic tint. It may cost $100-200 more, but it's worth it for the extra heat rejection.

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On our project car we have 35 percent all around, kinda light but we did that so we dont get pulled over in Chicago lol, but I think 30 would be alittle too light
30% tint would be darker than 35%

Did you mean 40% would be a little too light?
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