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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
The next Audi A3 will likely come with an available manual, but it will again be a Haldex setup, not a fully fledged awd setup like the current quattro setups.
I believe the current A3 offers DSG *or* the 6-speed manual (funny, no DSG in Audi's other cars in the US), but you simply cannot get a Quattro A3 with the TDI, no matter what transmission you choose.


I definitely would consider an A3 TDI Quattro M/T.

For now, I'm thinking of building a 2011+ (ie, widebody) WRX hatch as a snow car. Won't have the fuel economy or the refinement I want in a roadtrip car but at least it'll do the trick in the snow for smaller dollars... so, it fits half the bill for half the money.