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Originally Posted by Karthikraja View Post
Hi All,

I am very new to this Forum and ready to buy my first BMW. I was looking for good deal on 2012 Models and came to know 2013 Models are on Production. It looks like Some of you ordered 2013 Models. I am interested in it. Can you help me on ordering one. Here are the questions.

1. Do i need to work with any dealer to order it?
2. Since I am ordering, do i need to pay MSRP?
3. I am in LA, Can you suggest good dealer to negotiate and order?
4. Or Do i need to wait for 2013 models to Hit US market and purchase? I am already renting a car for few months,Since i am waiting for this one.

Any Help is appreciated.

1. Yep.
2. Nope. The best deal you can hope for is $500-1,000 over invoice. That's before any of the incentives that are out there (recent grad, Olympic drive, loyalty, USAA), and more aggressive dealers may expect you to pay more.
3. No, sorry, I am on the east coast.
4. Your options today are: buy a 2012 as is off a lot or custom order which will be a 2013.
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