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Originally Posted by Walt View Post
On e90 cars, especially with the twin turbo, people are running 11 second quarter miles. I can't believe the stock clutch would hold up to that sort of abuse. So you got me thinking and I checked drag-times for some info.

Vishnu's (the guy who makes the proceed) car ran a 10.8. Apparently it has a spec stage 2+. This is the same clutch I have for my other car. It is a really good clutch, but actually completely streetable. It is amazing this clutch can run a 10.8 and hold up to launching on Hoosier slicks.

Spec's website says it first up to 2010 models. Anyone know what would be required, if anything, to fit this on an f30?

The spec stage 1 (stockish) says its good for 350 lb-ft. I don't think the stock clutch would be rated for much more than this, although it may hold it for a while. They have up to a stage 5 for 670 ft-lbs.
Well, to be clear, just because their stage 1 can only hold up to 350 lbs of torque doesn't mean the stock clutch can't handle more. I can't confirm any of what I'm saying, just speculation based on logic, but I'm pretty sure stock clutches will handle more than 350 lbs, closer to 400 lbs of torque of regular and aggressive street driving.

Now, if you're planning on launching your car every day, you might have to think about getting a replacement clutch.