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iTrader: (0) the "it's not popular in the US, therefore it is an abomination to the German-based, global brand that is BMW" is a life and well.

The 5 GT plays a niche role in BMW's lineup and is quite popular in Taiwan and China. Not every culture looks for what Americans do in cars, and that's not to say Americans are wrong either. Just different priorities based on taxes, culture, family size, road conditions, number of cars per family, income, status etc etc etc that affect what works in different markets.

The 3 series is taking this same strategy to a new market that is looking for more luxury than a sedan, more space than a coupe, more "distinctive" than a touring, and lower than an X.

As a consumer, I have no problem with BMW selling cars that I don't like. And if it doesn't sell cars you like, move on to a manufacturer that does rather than continually re-hashing arguments about aesthetics and business strategies. At this point, sales and profits show that BMW's management is getting it right much more often than they are getting it wrong.