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Originally Posted by yuyue View Post
BMW has too many models, this is wasting their time...
they should cut their models back to year 2002 level, and make each model coming back as a segment killer
Yes and hello Bankruptcy, and possible VAG ownership which did almost happen. BMW could not survive on just three product lines the company had to and continually has to grow.
Every BMW is designed to reflect the continuous global demand for individual premium concepts. BMW does not bow to one market anymore it is now a competitive arena and the global market is now the target.

Wow, one would figure after the sales failure of the 5 series GT BMW would of abandon this lame azz design and just bring back the wagons. The sales numbers weren't just low they're horrible!!
The 5er GT has its markets and indeed it is successful in them, so successful that BMW are working on what to replace the F07 with .

In Europe we are seeing further interest in the 5er GT now that it comes in a four cylinder 520d GT.

The 3er GT aims to also capture that market especially those that want the sporty handling of a 3er but need the utility and flexibility but do not want a Touring. The 3er GT comes with four cylinder petrol and diesel choices aswell as six cylinder options.
The 3er GT is simply a car BMW make good money off of because its matrix sharing. The same goes for the 5er GT its low volume and sharing platform matrix etc means BMW also make money off of the car especially in high profit markets like China where the car is very popular.

If you look at current trends especially in the US against Euro wagons the market is almost flatlined. The 3er Touring is purely by request but if it falters it will be removed by the first LCi. Large Premium wagons are already being removed the last one standing the Mercedes E-Klasse is not getting its update federalized for the US due to poor sales and great customer reaction to the new ML-Klasse.

Hence why BMW expect the X1 to outsell the 3er Touring by a considerable margin. I do not know if the US will receive the 3er GT. Some I have talked to say that they will , with some now saying they wont.

But if you really want to see how continuous global demand has shaped BMW's product line-up we are officially in the countdown for the first BMW FWD vehicle which will be unveiled later this (August) month.
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