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Originally Posted by svache View Post
I have honestly no idea if cheaper or more expensive ones will be better or worse. I basically just gambled it... the only things I looked at was the correct bulb/fitting size (PY21W (7507)), advertised as errorfree and if the seller was a US seller (since I don't like waiting lol).

I wanted the ones that were advertised as error free to reduce risk of getting errors. Some of those that are not advertised as error free state that they sometimes might blink weird and that there might be need to do some resistor soldering. I kind of wanted to avoid this, it's possible these actually have the resistor soldered inside the fitting).

It's very well possible cheaper LED's will also work, and also possible the more expensive ones are not working. I have no idea really. The current one seems to be of good quality, it has 18 LED's and is quite bright
Hey svache, have fitted the 18LED ones and sure they're not really bright but they're visible during the day and perfect at night. Completely error free.
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