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13' 335i M Sport vs 13' Audi S4

I figured since there's no "vs" forum here, I'd start a discussion as to which car people here would prefer, consider, etc. Keep in mind I'm keeping this strictly 335i M SPORT vs S4, since I feel that's a more direct competition than a regular 335i.

I personally feel Audi has done a superb job with the face-lift on the B8 S4. The interior updates are very nice, specially the steering wheel. However, I've always felt that Audi's have a rather bland exterior design.

And this is where BMW has always been a big winner. Bimmers are always more eye catching than Audi's, however they seemed to lack interior quality. I think the whole "driver oriented cockpit" excuse was a little.... naive?
They've definitely stepped up and delivered with the new F30 cockpit.

As a side note, I have considered both of these cars as my M3 was stolen around 2 months ago (another story, another time). And the more you look at the 335i, the more bland the S4 looks. However, the whole ordeal with the navigation system on the F30 changing in November really ticks me off.