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Audi S4 interior is really dated. I mean even the E90 interior is still pretty fresh looking with nice flowing curves and lines.. But Audi's interior layout and the dashboard design is very box looking. It looks like something you'd see on a dodge caravan or something..

Also, they Navigation system and the display in general is so old school looking and the graphics and such is so 2D. I think style wise interior, Bmw wins with simplicity and the iDrive which feels and looks very high tech compared to Audis. Even the A7 has a terrible interior with that flimsy screen that pops out so awkwardly, looks so cheap and plasticy, what were they thinking!

On the exterior, I obviously think the F30 looks way more aggressive (since I own one lol). The only nice thing with audi is that LED in the front headlights, which is sort of out played now. Actually, I still prefer the 4 BMW corono Rings..which are symbolic of a bimmer from miles away.

However, I think the S4 performance wise is ofcourse much better than the M sport 335, which is just a regular 335 with some cosmetics but no power bump. Also the S4 sounds pretty nice from the inside.

But I'd still take a regular 335 over an S4 any day, because with a $379 tuning chip, my regular 335 can push 350 Horses just like that!

I hope the next gen audis will have a total interior make over...interiors are very important to me, as important as exterior!

I would actually strongly consider the A5 over the F30..don't know if its very comparable but yep the A5 is sexy, and the face lift even sexier
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