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Originally Posted by jwickers View Post
There are 2 different things, if the FOB battery is deadish, the car will sense it in the car near the steering wheel as you said then stop sensing.
IF the battery is fine, it will sense it go out of the car, furthermore the car would be locked via CA or remote.

In that second case it is very clear that the driver is gone.

But i could also see a case where you would park for a few minutes at a store and have passenger stay inside the car with the AC. In that case ASS could stop and restart later when the temp gets up.
You could want that without passenger as well.

Implementing smart features is not easy. In this case it should shutdown, and yes the manual says so .. will have to wait and see if BMW can fix the bug.

Dude, you might want to check out this site.

The site talks all about tests they've done with keyless entry systems.

Also, the contact point by the side of the steering wheel doesn't "sense" wirelessly without contact. You need to physically touch the FOB to the sensor on the side of the wheel.

To your second case, I did say that it is a fault in software when the driver removes the seatbelt and exits the car while in ASS mode and it doesn't shut off the engine completely.