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Originally Posted by joonix214 View Post
Well, higher HP does not always make for a faster car in this case. Yes, there was a motortrend review a month ago that showed the S4 had faster acceleration and 1/4 mile times BUT they were comparing a 335i with 225 tread width rear all season tires while the S4 were on summer performance tires with 245 (possibly even 255) width tires on all four corners. I would expect the 335i with with 255 rear summer tires to be much closer in performance.

The 335i is also lighter by about 302lbs (3545lbs vs. 3847lbs; both manual transmission). That's like carrying a HUGE sumo wrestler in your car all the time!! EEK! (Refer to this thread for more LOL)

Obviously, it's difficult to gauge performance comparisons on paper. However, when appropriately matched, I think the 335i would be a great competitor to the S4 and vice versa.

Well, I would consider the wheels/tires to be an upgrade as well since 255 section rear summer performance tires compared to a 225 section all season tires could make a big difference in performance, I would presume.

Yes, I could see this being a good comparison too!
Ah, yes. Valid point!