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Originally Posted by Baseball7382 View Post
Suprised no one mentioned Razor 8 by allmax nutrition. It crushed everything i've taken. No hitting a wall, consistent energy and focus, and no shaking. Try it if you have never...Can guarentee you'll love it.
Man, just thinking about that stuff makes me sick...I bought a bottle of it once i got used to Jack3d and tried it abt 4 or 5 times...Every single time i took it i was in the bathroom after my first few sets. Literally felt like I was going to die on the toilet. Also felt like throwing up after the workout. Abt 45 min after I stopped working out i got so hot I started sweating just sitting down..It was bad for me to say the least. Never had that happen from a PWO supp before, and Ive taken most.

I think for me C4 or Jack3d is the way to go.

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