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Originally Posted by Fishjr View Post
Well my thought process is that if it's true the sensors are able to pick up the FOB accurately even if the battery is dead, they wouldn't have required you to touch your key FOB to the side of the steering wheel when the battery on the FOB is dead in order to start you car.

On your comments about the ASS restart.... that would be true if the car was turned to Off to begin with. Since it wasn't turned off but merely in the "Ready" position, it would still restart. The reason being, if I am correct on my theory (about FOB not detected because battery being dead and car not immediately shutting down), it would be silly for the driver to have to touch the FOB to the side of the steering wheel every time ASS kicks in.

Therefore, it's not really a fault (car not shutting off when FOB not in range), but its designed that way. However, the issue of ASS not turning the engine Off when seatbelt and car door opens is clearly a fault.
With the now "old fashioned" insert fob method, the fob holder would also charge the battery I believe. Removing the whole place to put the fob and charge it can also be seen as a cost cutting measure.
Now, when your fob battery dies you have to get a new battery at your own expense, as I'm sure it should last long enough for the warranty periof.

For me it's a matter of the fact that having a key or fob to insert and start a car has been used for decades. Why? Because it's simply an elegant and simple solution that didn't need any fussing over.
Ok, no key, there is a fob. That's fine, as it was still used like a key, you insert it then push to start.
But you always know where the key is and the fact that you need to bring it with you to the car and away.
I can easily see where I'll become lax in using the fob, or rather, bringing it with me. I can see forgetting to take my fob to the car, or forgetting to take it with me, as I become used to actually not using it for anything other than it does need to be in my pocket to work.

I'll get used to it I'm sure once I get my 3 and become familiar with it.
Still I find this an unnecessary change. It's like change for change sake not because it actually adds value to time to my life. It's just a fancy gimmick.

BTW, I've tried to open the trunk on at least 3 or 4 new 3's using my foot under the bumper, and have had 0 success. I just end up looking silly I'm sure to others looking at me wondering why I'm pretending to kick my car. A simple sensor that I can bump with my finger or hip will give the same hands free operation and likely work better.
That's another gimmick, looks fancy, but doesn't work as expected.
What would really be cool and useful would be to be able to shut the trunk with a bump or foot wave when I have grocery bags in each hand.
In that scenario closing the trunk without pushing it down would be very helpful.