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Originally Posted by JUSKIDN View Post
I had a Lexus IS back in 2008 when the keyless ignition and push button start was just coming out. If you left the car running and got out the car there was a beeping and blinking alarm to warn you. You still could leave it running and lock the door and keep going and ignore it. I can't believe BMW don't have something similar. My girlfriends 2010 Nissan car with the pushbutton start even does it and its the one under the Maxima, I just can't think of that model right now.
I like the way BMW did my 135i where you put the fob in a slot and then push to start.
Plus, when you shut the car engine off the audio stays on, and as soon as I remove the fob everything switches off.
IN the 3 loaner I had, when I press the engine off, the audio stays on and the only way to shut it of is to press the lock button on the fob.
It's a minor annoyance, but I'd rather everything shut off when I press OFF, and if I want to sit in the car listening to audio I can just turn the audio back on.

Maybe I'm missing something. To shut the engine and all electronics off, do I have to push the start/stop button twice?
Or will that just turn the electronics back on, as the engine won't start without holding the brake pedal or pushing the clutch in?