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Originally Posted by micknugget View Post
So I drive to the store. I put the car in park and the engine is off (or in stand by, I don't recall). I get out and lock it. I walk about 150 feet to the store, do my shopping, come outside. There is a less than respectable guy by my car who quickly walks away. As i approach my car, it is locked and RUNNING. This is the second time this has happened and if I were in the store longer, maybe i wouldn't have my car. Between this, the vibrating steering issue, and the piss poor paint job, I kinda wish the guy would have taken it.

I am saying this to vent and to tell people to beware of the issue.
After you put the trans in park, did you press the start/stop to shut the engine off?
Not being insulting, just wondering what is causing this.