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Question Cheap solution for wider/better tires on the F30

When I test drove the 335i (luxury line), I slammed the accelerator at a traffic signal and noticed that for a short period the car kind of skidded in-place without thrusting forward. It gave me the impression that the tires just could not provide adequate grip to avoid that from happening.

I have a 335i F30 on the way. If I swapped out the tires for better (wider/summer) tires, would that help avoid the above kind of behavior?

The rest of the questions are assuming that the answer to the above question is "yes".

What would be an inexpensive(no wheel change) solution to improve tire performance?

1) The OEMs are 225/45 on 18x8 wheels. Would going staggered with 245/40 (same wheels) on the rear help? Since the 245s would be mounted on 8" rims they would effectively lose about 0.2" effective width which would actually make them around 240. Still better than 225... right?

If yes:

2) Could I just replace the rear tires with wider summer performance tires while retaining the narrower OEM all seasons in front? Can you mix tires of different classes (summer tires with AS tires)? Would that necessarily improve performance? That way I just need to buy 2 tires and not 4.

3) A 245/40 in the rear will yield approximately 1% smaller overall diameter compared to the the front OEMs(25.72" vs 25.98") . Is that ok? Could that cause the car to feel a bit inclined upwards (I would like this car to remain a F30 and not become an F16)? Would that difference affect the ABS, odometer, speedometer or other electronics in the F30?