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Originally Posted by micknugget View Post
If the car is in standby (in other words a.s.s. has kicked in) when you undo your seat belt and open the door, the a.s.s. is supposed to shut off (per the manual). I can't say for sure that I actually pressed the start/stop button or the A.s.s. had kicked in but either way, when I got out of the car the engine should have never fired back up. Especially when I locked it and walked away with the FOB.
I don't have the manual but when I read that stop/start shuts off I hear that it's like you defeated the stop/start system but but the car runs normally as if there is no s/s system. So if you didn't shut of the car yourself, it's still going to run. There is definitely a glitch because as you say, you were able to lock the car and walk away. It's all very confusing.