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Originally Posted by Kleenex View Post
Have you managed to code your car yet? I very interested in doing this myself.
Yes, this is what you need, first off is the snapin cradle part No 84211198308, this is a media/Apps cradle, the normal Media cradle wont work.

The eject box must be the media one, on the connector where the snapin cradle fits the two post (one on each side on the connector) will have brass incerts, if there all plastic it will need to be changed. (6NF)

You also need the 3 wire cable from the eject box to the CIC (iDrive) into video input 2

On cars after March 2011 you will need a FSC activation code (key) and you need to add to your Vehicle Order (VO) 6NR, which is the BMW Apps code..

The lastest firmware in the CIC is sensing the eject box so it you don't have the 3 wire cable connected it won't activate.

What happens once the 6NR code is loaded "BMW Services" becomes "ConnectedDrive" and in this menu is BMW Apps.

So first you need to get 6NR added to your VO and buy a FSC activation key. You can buy the 6NR retrofit kit from overseas & get the FSC from a European Dealer via the people that sell you the kit. Install hardware, load activation FSC and 6NR code and your all done.

Once 6NR is added to the VO you can take your car to a dealer (if he is willing) hook it up to the ISSS update computer, it see's that 6NR is added to the VO, (the FSC comes on a USB stick & has 3 files on it) give the dealer the FSC & along with the 6NR code they upload it to your CIC, all done.

The other way is the coders from Europe login to your car via a laptop connected to the Internet, a special OB2 to USB cable is required, they can send you that as well, its around $80.00.

As of the latest firmware version 43.0v upwards (that's around March build 2011) FSC keys are required and they cannot be generated by just anyone, they are produced in part by specialised software, private incripted keys held by BMW and merged with your VIN.

With lastest firmware upgrading will not be easy unless you can get a FSC key for activation, you well maybe able to code in what you want (say turn on or off brighter DRL's etc), but if it is a retrofit or a change of hardware then a FSC will be needed to activate the module.

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