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Originally Posted by ric124
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I don't have the manual but when I read that stop/start shuts off I hear that it's like you defeated the stop/start system but but the car runs normally as if there is no s/s system. So if you didn't shut of the car yourself, it's still going to run. There is definitely a glitch because as you say, you were able to lock the car and walk away. It's all very confusing.
If engine is running you are still able to lock the car, I have done this a few times to keep ac running but ASS gets disabled.

System works flawless as far I have experienced with almost 5000 miles so far.

I never shut my car off by pressing the button. I always come to a stop, put car in neutral, lift off clutch, pull up hand brake and car goes to ready. Once I open my door it says ASS is disabled and engine goes to off. I walk away with my music still playing and hit the lock button and music stops and car fully shuts down and alarm arms, beep.
I don't get the ASS disabled thing. Needle just drops to OFF.

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