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Thumbs up Video: BMW High Beam Assistant In Action on F30

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This video is to demonstrate the fantastic High Beam Assistant in the 2012 BMW 328i. At current, only the F30 and F01/F02 (7 Series) LCI (facelift) possess this new High Beam Assistant where the system is variable, and not just "ON/OFF".

In the first of the 3 clips in this video, both left and right headlights are used for high beam as if you have manually pushed the stalk.

The second and third clip show motorway driving and this is where High Beam Assist becomes more variable. At most times, only the left xenon goes to full whilst the right remains dipped. The beam is also shifted left depending on oncoming (and incoming) traffic. Although you can see it in action in this video, it isn't as clear as when you're actually in the car - which looks amazing! This system works really well and makes me smile each time I enable it, which is done at the end of the indicator stalk.

Visibility Package:
Adaptive Bi-Xenon Headlights
High Beam Assist

Official BMW description:

The glare-free High Beam Assistant from BMW ConnectedDrive regulates the main beam of the headlights for optimum illumination of the route and thus reduces the burden on the driver. When the system is activated, an image sensor on the inside of the front mirror monitors the lighting conditions and the traffic ahead at a distance of up to 400 metres. The assistant uses these sensor images to determine the strength of the high beam and varies it smoothly. Oncoming traffic is registered at a distance of some 1,000 metres. A mechanism in the headlight specifically covers points in the high beam and dynamically aligns it so that any risk of dazzling is ruled out.

As some of you may remember me saying, I found it worked really well in most conditions. But on an unlit motorway with oncoming cars on the other carriageway (thankfully!!), it didn't do so good. Didn't deactivate them so I had to put the Xenon's back to dipped myself.

Then I realised. Although the blue high-beam light isn't going out, the lights actually are. But then I thought, the blue light does go out if they go to dipped. Confused!

Then I realised further, only one side is going to dipped, the other side remains at high beam! So something I didn't know, High Beam Assistant can control the lights individually!

So an oncoming car on the right (UK remember) is detected, the right Xenon is dipped and the left Xenon remains high so I can see where I'm going without blinding the other driver.

The beam is also moved to the left depending on the conditions of the light source from another car!

EDIT: Can't tell you enough how awesome HBA is!! So clever and effective!!

Biggest talking point for my passengers too at night

Must look really weird from behind with those not "in the know" with the beam dancing all over the place! I will upload a video at some point because it's just so awesome! I think one of my most favourite features. Certainly the biggest surprise, thinking it was just ON/OFF like all predecessors to the F30.

Why the hell is BMW's marketing team not pushing this incredible feature?! It's perfect.

EDIT: I've finally got round to filming High Beam Assist in action! Ta-daa! 1080p if you're bandwidth is up to it please!

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