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Originally Posted by Kleenex View Post
Thanks for that! What did it cost you all up and can you recommend a coder?
I would contact, email Patyrk, they will ask for your VIN number, that way they can check your bmw vehicle to see what hardware you may need.

You can order the bits a pieces yourself if you up to it, you need a Media/Apps cradle, there not the ones here in Australia but you can order it thru your loacl BMW spare parts dealer, has to come from Germany or you could get it from US ebay or spare parts dealer in the US. You also need the 3 wire cable from the eject box to the CIC.

There is actual a 6NR kit that comes with the above that retrofit companies like Bimmer-tech or a BMW dealer in the US sell.

You will need FSC code key if your firmware version is 43v or above. Your VO needs 6NR added to it also. You are going to have to get the FSC from say Bimmer-tech, they cost around $169 euros, they cannot be made up it will have to be real OEM FSC, you have no choice and dealers here cannot get you one for Apps.

There are few forum members here in the Australian section & also on Xoutpost forum that would have the USB D-Can OB2 cable. You need a laptop & internet connection as they can code remotely.

There a couple changes to the firmware required in Australia, although only minor to get Apps to work, whereas in the US ,UK & Europe you just need the parts & 6NR code & FSC, upload and its going. Our Country Specific Code for Australia stops it from activating, so this needs altering.

If a group of you got together in Sydney with fellow forum member that was doing a little coding, then thru a retrofit company buy the parts and they help get the upload happening. I know Bimmer-tech has a contact in Melbourne but not sure about Sydney (check there website), I am working with there contact here in the Gold Coast, Qld.

After 3 weeks of working on this to overcome the Australian software stopping Apps from activating its not all that hard an install now. But you have to buy the "Apps Cradle", "3 Wire Cable", "FSC" "Installation" & "Coding (with D-Can usb cable)".

Your dealer will install the cable (its actually a retrofit part that's used overseas, but left off our cars) if you don't want to pull your CIC from your dash, they will charge you around $400 to install it. All up its going to be $1000 excercise to get Apps working.

The Apps cradle ordered thru you BMW dealer here costs over $450 retail here in Australia (has a built-in fan to keep the iphone cool) after discount its still $376 if they give you discount. You can buy one from the US, by the time its freighted the price will be nearly the same. (I have one spare cradle at the moment).

If we lived in the US the hardware & FSC would cost half the price and your next door neighbour would probably be a coder with a little luck!

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