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Originally Posted by CoolDude196 View Post
I highly doubt BMW would do anything that would harm the car. Just as people thought ASS would damage the engine, I doubt BMW would stop the car using the gearbox if it damaged it. Do you know for a fact it's the gearbox and not a combination of breaks and gearbox? If it is the gearbox then it must be more than capable of stopping it during this situation repeatedly, otherwise BMW wouldn't do it.
I'm a big fan of BMW, but they do what's good for them -- not for you.

First off, they have this funky shifter -- one unlike any other standard PRNDL. So, they got to thinking, what happens if someone gets out of the car and forgets to push P -- an action UNLIKE ANY OTHER COMMON SHIFTER? The answer? The car rolls, and we get sued.

Let's send the engineers back to their CAD stations and get them to design an interlock.

That was it, the sum total of their concern.

As to the idea of whether or not they would do something the car wouldn't support over time, check out this thread in which I whine that they buried an "update" about ASS wear in the quick start guide. They picked a place they could bury the warning about ASS wear.
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