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I have 3 new opinions!

1) The economy isn't as great as I was expecting. At 3500mls now, it stays inbetween 36-40mpg which yes, could be worse but I wanted to see 38-44 ideally.

2) I don't dislike the engine sound by any stretch of the means, but I prefer my late 330d's sublime soundtrack.

3) Someone asked me which car did I feel was most "punchy". I struggled with this once but I said the 328i just had the edge. And well, it does, it is a little faster than my 330d and that's an end of it really. However, punchy? It is when you go WOT in optimum (lowest) gear (which the 8AT does very well) but I think I'm going to have to change my mind because the 330d with all that torque (and the same BHP output) just hit you harder. It FELT quicker and really punched you into your seat.
So, for the most "punchy", my departed E90 LCI 330d wins.

Love my 328i though, it's by far the best car I have ever owned or even experienced! The tech is awesome.

I do miss my 330d though . If I had the cash, I would've bought it outright at the end of the lease contract.

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