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Negotiating lease?

So BMW has advertised a 335 xdrive for $479/month, $3,000 down, $750 acq fee. Price includes BMW loyaly cash of $750. Residual is 62% based on 15K. MSRP $47,895

a couple of questions as I haven't leased before:

1) why do they show 62% residual based on 15K when the lease they are offering is for 10K?

2) how do you negotiate an advertised lease deal? will they negotiate it?

I do want the sales guy to make some money but I don't want to get screwed at the same time. Is this lease based off of MSRP, so if I went in and just agreed to the terms that would be like paying MSRP for it? If so would it be possible to negotiate $1500-$2000 off the downpayment of this lease?

I just want to get an idea of what I am doing before going into the lease. I have a number in my head for payments and don't want to go over that, so if I can negotiate a better deal than advertised that means I can get a few options I was going to have to skip because of cost...