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Originally Posted by jopa489 View Post
Negotiate the selling price of the car. Residuals are set, but the money factor is often marked up by the dealer. Make sure you're getting the base money factor and focus your negotiations on selling price. You can do better than the advertised lease examples on
thanks for the replies, did a little more research on leases last night and I understand a lot more now. Dealers probalby hate people like me who use the internet to gain knowledge

So the money factor is huge, I had two dealers tell me they only use BMW finance for leases which means that is probably set in stone, as long as they are not marking it up higher than BMW is. The way to get it cheaper than the advertised leases is by negotiating the "selling price"

So am I to assume those advertised leases on are based on MSRP and if you back it out you can figure out the money factor? then based on that money factor and a negotiated price, you can figure a lease on your custom built car and actually get better pricing than advertised?

Does anyone know what the money factor is on the 2013 3 series?