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Originally Posted by lfelunden View Post
I've got an Alpina B5S, the car can be both comfortable and a beast, also it doesn't have any kind of limiter and is fully tested at topspeeds with no problems at all, also the Alpina B3S Biturbo(e9x) is a lot faster than a BMW M3(e9x). Looks better too imo.

I choose an Alpina B3 over a M3 even though the M3 would be cheaper!

1. Exclusivity, worldwide there are less than 370 B3 BT worldwide!
2. More economical to run
3. Pay only 1/2 road tax compared to a M3 due to Alpina being classed as a small car manufacture
4. Unique colour ( Alpina blue and Alpina Green)
5. Performance more torque than an M3 (same as a 3 litre diesel!)
6. Lighter than an M3 (0-62mph in 4.7 sec)
7. Itís not shouting am a M3!
8. Creates less unwanted attraction
9. Bespoke interior to customersí requirements
10. Resell value similar / to better to an M3 for the above reasons
11. Ride quality Alpina's own specification

I could go on!

I confess I not sure on the saloon design, really hope that the coupe looks like a small 6 series!