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Originally Posted by Dreaming View Post
What's the difference between the GTC and the super GT?

The concept of Super GT is all about "weight" savings and Pure Performance / power gains. Just to give you an idea, it will resemble
to the exhaust systems, we have created for the popular E82 "1M" systems or our famous Nissan R35 GTR exhuast systems.
While designing this particular S.GT system, just as before, we have carefully calculated (implemented into our exhaust design)
the amount of back pressure needed to operate your vehicle at optimal condition and also to bring out the maximum possible performance
with powerful, NOT obnoxiously loud, yet "PERFECT" sound for your vehicle. We will go over more of this info once the product is released to public.

and the GTC unit is the one with the most advanced EV (Valve Control + wireless remote control),
which you can control the exhaust flow, back pressure and most importantly
the exhaust sound tone & Volume (as quiet as Stock to as loud as Super GT unit),
yet this unit is still significantly lighter than the stock OE system.

We are currently conducting various "very" interesting tests with these F30 vehicles + exhausts.
Please stay tuned, since there are "FAR" for more info to follow shortly after.
Thank you for so much your interests !!


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